5-year-anniversary Legendary music video

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Five years ago, on this date, we released a fun throwback 90s video for Legendary- The E-mix directed by Arie Ohayon.  Fresh off The Legendary Project at El Museo del Barrio, the music video was choreographed by Ferdinand de Jesus (aka Freddie Xtravaganza) and featured the likes of Deja Smith, Derrick Xtravaganza and Nunney Karma along with a host of talented ballroom children. Filmed at Triskelion Arts in Williamsburg and styled by Cameron Carpenter, the El David produced remix was based on the poem “Legendary”, a tribute to the trans, drag and ballroom communities from the poetry collection, If Jesus Were Gay & other poems.

Fun fact- It was submitted to LOGO for consideration as a filler between shows and turned down. Five years ago, RuPaul’s Drag Race had already made drag mainstream and acceptable but trans was still taboo.


by Emanuel Xavier

There are Gods amongst us in these ghettos

so black, so fierce,

so brown, so beautiful,

Their time on earth may be as oppressive as ignorance

limited to the demons flowing in their blood

but after safely passing over back to the clouds

the wind will still carry their auras and prophecies

their bones will still beat drums

for their children to dance

the phoenix will still rise from the flames of Paris

with hope in womb

There are Gods amongst us in these ghettos

so brown, so fierce,

so black, so beautiful,

If you spend too much time caught up in yourself

You just might miss Him that is goddess,

She that is god, they that are legends

Working the runway as if walking on water

Reaching the stage to that promised land

where ‘peace’ is not ridiculed

and the only war worth fighting for

is protecting your child from the terrorist acts

of a mainstream America

where ‘reading’ is an act of learning

not degrading words used to disguise fragility

and fractured dreams

where ‘shade’ is a shadow you walk in

to avoid the light

but who wants to stay out of the warmth of the sun?

If you waste your time trying to be a false prophet

robed in attitude and labels to obscure the insecurity

you may fail to recognize their divinity and miracles

parting the crowds, resurrecting from the floor,

scoring tens of commandments,

because trophies will not feed the hungry,

coat the homeless, hide the scars,

Grand Prizes will not bring Lazarus or LaBeija back from the dead

they will just sit in your closet,

fake idols gathering dust,

before the gold paint chips away

You cannot sell them for freedom

You cannot trade them in for love

There are Gods amongst us in these ghettos

so black, so fierce,

so black, so beautiful,

so brown, so fierce,

so brown, so beautiful,

Watch them carefully and say your prayers as they enter the ballroom

angel wing feathers decorating skin

re-crafted over silicone and martyred colors

See the Gods dream, see the Gods give,

see the Gods live,

They exist in the spaces where white

is not the only hue that represents purity

They will not battle to your rhythms and beats

click, spin and dip simply for amusement

They will not teach those

who share their souls and names to hate

Their heartbeats are louder than the blaring speakers

You want realness . . . look at your hands

are they red from the revolution

or from the blood of your own sisters

There are Gods amongst us in these ghettos

so black, so brown, so fierce, so beautiful,

so bright

Look up towards the heavens and pray

then look at yourself in the mirror and say

‘Stars are not only found out in the sky

but in ourselves’