Christ Like

Tenth Anniversary Revised Edition

Americano Cover
Mikey is a spirited but self-destructive survivor of sexual abuse, a gay Latino native New Yorker caught somewhere between Catholic guilt and club kid decadence looking to fit in as part of a family. Instead, Mikey delves into a demimonde of petty thieves, prostitutes, and pushers. Haunted by a father that Mikey has never met, a difficult childhood, recurring nightmares, the reality of death, and Christ, the story unfolds through the ‘80’s and ‘90’s following him on his journey through a fascinating world filled with Santeros, transsexuals and voguing queens.



Rebel Satori Press
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Christ Like is the harrowing first novel by Emanuel Xavier. When it was first published ten years ago, it announced the arrival of a unique and important new voice among both gay and Latino/a writers. Ten years later, the novel retains its compelling power as it takes the reader on a jagged journey though the New York club scene; in theme and naked urgency, it may be justly compared to Dancer from the Dance and Last Exit to Brooklyn, but its heartbeat is puro latino.”

—Michael Nava, author of The Little Death and Rag and Bone

“With Christ Like, Xavier demonstrates the literary splendor and heroic telling of Piri Thomas (Down These Mean Streets), and Junot Diaz (Drown) . . . Like the people that it represents, Christ Like is full of wit, charm, attitude, and resilience. This ain’t no sad song. This is the story of how a rock can turn itself into a gem.”

Lambda Book Report

“The emotional honesty of Emanuel Xavier’s writing grabs and holds you like a vice. For more than a decade, Xavier has been an essential voice for an urban, queer aesthetic that has much to teach the world about creativity, resilience, and unflinching love. In re-issuing this rare work, he has given us all a gift.”

—Kai Wright, author of Drifting Toward love

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