If Jesus Were Gay and Other Poems

Poems from Emanuel Xavier

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Emanuel Xavier’s If Jesus Were Gay & other poems pulls no punches and is brutally frank about his views on sexuality, politics, and religion. Yet as deeply personal as these poems are, they are universal enough to move any reader. Both sacred and profane, it is a compelling and confessional collection from a daring and ambitious voice in contemporary poetry.



Rebel Satori Press
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“Love, sadness, lust and reverie…every poem in If Jesus Were Gay & other poems engages with a haunting tenderness that never abates. Xavier delivers a masterful, enduring work.”

—Steven G. Fullwood, The Magician’s Assistant’s Dilemma

“‘Death comes like wind sudden and unexpected’ . . . The poems in If Jesus Were Gay & Other Poems, inform, instruct, rouse revolution, and liberate. In these poems, I have found family, cleansed my heart, and let the tears flow. Heartfelt! Rousing! Necessary!”

—Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, poet and author of Convincing the Body

“Emanuel Xavier’s extraordinary If Jesus Were Gay & Other Poems is a fevered communion of spirit, sex, and heart. These poems’ hot, fierce honesty burst the thermometer with their unflinching open-eyed embrace of being human. Buckle up! These are his queer embodied poetics you eat. This is his love-bursting blood you drink. What would Jesus do? He would read this book!”

—Tim Miller, performer and author of Body Blows and 1001 Beds

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