Poems by Emanuel Xavier

Nefarious Cover
With heartfelt honesty, Emanuel Xavier’s fourth full-length poetry collection Nefarious welcomes the reader into the later second act of a former underage prostitute. This book captures insights into his private world; relationships, heartbreaks, life as a spoken word artist, time spent with his cat, aging. With a dose of dark humor, Xavier’s pleasure in the written word and his passion makes this an engaging collection.



Rebel Satori Press
Publish Date
October 2013


“Emanuel Xavier’s Nefarious is raw, brutal. And necessary. The harrowing and mesmerizing language in this book will cut you open, but it will also blow like a ‘breeze against your skin.'”

—Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning

“Towards the middle of Emanuel Xavier’s stunning new collection he writes, ‘My work is not so universal.’ The specifics might not be universal, but the journey Xavier examines is very human: how do we accept our past and move forward? How do we find true connection in this frightening world? The poems are raw, honest, and electric, and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without poems like these.”

—Stephen S. Mills, author of He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices

“Emanuel Xavier is a brave, generous writer. He bares his bones to his readers, inviting us into his world which often isn’t pretty, yet is so startling beautiful it broke my heart — and then healed it. Though there is a lot of tough stuff here, the reader emerges full of hope, believing in life and love. This is no small feat. Time spent reading these poems is time well spent.”

—Lesléa Newman, author of October Mourning: A Song For Matthew Shepard

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