"Radiance: Gay Poet Emanuel Xavier on Living Life Raw and Pushing Back"

From Latino Rebels

The gay Latino poet and activist Emanuel Xavier has published five books of poetry and served as editor for others, using his name to introduce emerging poets to readers. Known for his raw odes to abandonment, decadence and sex, he’s never confined himself to the mechanical niceties of political-correctness, using poetry as a screen on which to project LGBTQ Latino working-class dramas and struggles. Radiance, his latest offering from Rebel Satori Press, sees the continuation of this urban storytelling, through the eyes of a wiser, middle-aged survivor with so much to look back on.

Emanuel’s partnered, he’s survived (yet) another brush with death, and has reunited with the mother who once banished him. These poems sting with the hurt of reflection, regret and relief, revealing a different facet of this self-taught artist, who emerged out of the 1990s New York underground when his mother kicked him out for being gay. Radiance is dedicated to survivors everywhere, bringing urgent attention to the perils of the marginalized in the wake of the Pulse Orlando Massacre and the challenges of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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