LOGO & The Ski Trip- ten year anniversary

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The cast of “The Ski Trip” with a fan- Emanuel Xavier, Daren J. Fleming, fan, Cassie Cruz, director Maurice Jamal  (Washington, DC, 2005)

Ten years ago, on June 30, 2005, the LOGO network launched as the first advertiser-supported commercial television channel in the United States geared towards the LGBT community. One of the few original movies it aired on heavy rotation was an independent film, The Ski Trip.

I was invited to audition for the role of the main love interest but begged to be considered for the part of the fun-loving slut and convincingly pulled it off. I personalized the character of Carlos with some Spanglish and a lot of Blow Pops. Though the movie was soon overshadowed by the series Noah’s Arc, I do remember enjoying a different type of momentary spotlight away from the literary scene. A cult fan base at best, it was a lot of fun to film and one of the very first LGBT people of color movies to air on television.

LOGO would go on to reflect more diversity in their programming and I would go back to writing poetry. Carlos is probably surviving as a DJ struggling with diabetes. To this day, neither one of us has really ever gone skiing!