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21 Jul 2017 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

I was only seventeen the year you died of a heroin overdose. Fab 5 Freddy read a poem by Langston at your memorial. I was just a hustler at the piers you stared at weeks before. I had no idea how Read more […]

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Broken Window by Emanuel Xavier

4 May 2016 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

BROKEN WINDOW by Emanuel Xavier   i was once one with the night— defiant building reaching for the cobalt sky bright city lights the air crisp with defiance now i watch as i lay in my Read more […]

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For Colored Boys Who Have Been Considered Criminals

2 Apr 2015 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

Happy National Poetry Month! New poem. FOR COLORED BOYS WHO HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED CRIMINALS by Emanuel Xavier All I wanted was to catch the 6 p.m. ferry. My boyfriend would have driven me Read more […]

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If Jesus Were Gay- 5-year-anniversary

1 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized, Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

Five years ago today (no April Fool’s joke), Rebel Satori Press published If Jesus Were Gay & other poems. It was the first poetry collection published after an incident I had experienced five Read more […]

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World AIDS Day 2014

1 Dec 2014 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

Want to know why the fight against AIDS is so incredibly important to me? Read this cover story from A&U magazine. An estimated 34 million people are living with HIV and more than 35 million have Read more […]

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Nefarious- 1 year anniversary

15 Oct 2014 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

One year ago today, my fourth poetry collection was published by Rebel Satori Press.  Perhaps the defiance of poem titles like “Naked”, “The Thing About My Pussy” and “Golden Shower at a Motel 6 Read more […]

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BELLUM SACRUM by Emanuel Xavier

17 Jul 2014 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

BELLUM SACRUM Every life is valuable but, unlike the throats of boys bruised with handprints, not if taken with distant rockets Religion is seemingly a punch(line) in the art of war Casualties Read more […]

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Walking With Angels

13 May 2014 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

Please go to my AIDS Walk New York donation page and pledge to make a difference. I am walking in loving memory of my stepbrother, Dee Jay Jimmy Blaze, my friend & muse, Willi Ninja, and all of Read more […]

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14 Apr 2014 | Under Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

I was practically raised by drag queens and transgender friends after being kicked out as a teen for being gay. Years later, as a Latino artist, I found myself at the center of controversy over a word. Read more […]

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TBT # 1

27 Mar 2014 | Under Photographs, Writing | Posted by | 0 Comments

  Back in ’98/’99, I only had the self-published chapbook version of the poetry collection Pier Queen and the original version of the novel Christ Like about to be published by a small Read more […]

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